Who are your primary and backup brokers?

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by InTheZone, Apr 25, 2002.

  1. Hi,

    Who are your primary and backup brokers, and why did you chose them?

    For me, my primary broker is IB for low commissions. The commissionm rates are outstanding, but I am concerned about their system reliability.

    My backup broker is Schwab for the convenience and reliability they provide. Their commissions are not cheap however.

    I may find a new backup broker due to Schwab's high cost, and would appreciate your comments.

    -- ITZ
  2. If you can't beat em join em.

    This is an IB board so I guess use IB was your primary and also Tradestation as your back up but when you want a third broker set up use cybertrader :confused:

    When they go out of business go to datek. In the end the smaller firms will all be swallowed up.
  3. IB
    back up
  4. wild


    Ameritrade has already swallowed Datek ... hasn´t it ?
  5. hans130


    Pointdirex(primary) very low commissions and no downtime and Etrade(backup) great fills for a web based broker.

  6. trdrmac


    I suppose it depends on what your needs are with a broker, I have an account with Datek, but have experienced several non system related problems with them over the past year.

    I have an account with My Discount Broker. Com and have been pleased with the service and cost. They used to have a direct access link with Nextrend,(not sure if it is still in tact) but without a link it is not a good format for rapid fire trades.

    E-Trade's basic platform was pretty reliable, but the 19.95$ stock and 29$ option commissions were getting to be a bit much.

  7. That 7.95 trade thing at Scottrade is sounding good now. If you use IB as your primary and Scottrade as your back up then you will get cheap trades. Then you will really appreciate the IB or tradestation in comparison. :(