Who are your favorite specialists?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by fatrat, Jan 11, 2006.

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    Me, personally, I like that guy who runs X. Closely followed by the guy who runs DNA.

    X is comical. He abuses fake size like no one else I've ever seen. Someone else pointed this out on this forum, and I had to see for myself.
  2. SLB
    Awhile back I was shorting it, he would fish me out and start painting inconsistent charts, although maybe it would be different if I went in and traded now , no idea.

    I've seen X, that guy is even worse then SLB he would reverse price after a reverse after a reverse.
    You had to be in high up and not show signs you are entering the market or he will test you.

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    Yes! I know what you are talking about after reverse-after-reverse. I always used to get caught in those traps and piss away my profits on commissions. He always does it in spots where the risk:reward looks so tempting -- at least 20-30 cents. By the time the move happens, your spirit is broken.

    "He" is probably not behind it, but he's helping his buddies get their large orders filled in a crazy way.
  4. PD, VLO, RYL, APC and BZH are always a fun time.
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    You've gotta be a pretty quick character if you're trading VLO successfully. I've never been able to beat that guy consistently because the thing moves faster than I can recognize the patterns yet.
  6. I Wouldn't trade any of those.

    Any times a specialist is out to hunt traders, burned once in a day for a few cents, move onto the next stock.

    I've seen so many times where the specialists will keep painting beautiful charts after charts after charts
    except they are all on the same range

    you see many people buying in, only to get chopped out and then later get dragged down.

    A strong stock rising will rise, and will not perform silly tricks unless it is not strong at all.
  7. stock is not really defined so much by the specialist, but it's participants. fake bids, volatility, speed, etc..

    i recall trading a thin stock and i was accumulating 12000 shares and couldn't help but laugh when i heard some trader screaming and moaning about how illegal the specialist was on his short.
  8. You dont have the same skills I have to daytrade with, I can handle the high beta, quick movers. I guess you cant. You should stick to the slower movers then... to each his own :D

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    Well, I'm not sure I entirely agree with this. The X specialist flashes numbers like 4023 x 12. You just don't see other specialists flash crazy numbers like that even for fractions of a second. It can be unnerving at first.

    EDIT: You do see them -- it's just that X does this all day long.

    The X specialist also does some things that I don't see other specialists do. He will stop action altogether and make it look like he's buying on the bid in front of a large seller. People see this -- the bids look super thin, and people are buying 3-4k shares at a time, and then the specialist just flat out stops buying and the price drops. I picked up on this and stopped being victimized by it, ... but this guy really does have a different personality.

    Now, if he's got this personality because of the participants in X, then I suppose you're right. But I -swear-:

    - Flashes crazy numbers
    - NX is less effective
    - You have to pull the trigger earlier and hope for price improvement if you want any shares at all

    It just feels completely different running with this guy.
  10. how do you know it's not a black box posting and cancelling large bids all day.

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