Who are the Yahooligans?

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  1. I have always wanted to figure this one out. There are certain people that post chronically on the Yahoo message boards. They use a feedreader and sit by the computer 24 hours, day or night. They respond in real time on the boards.

    Most of the messages on the Yahoo boards never seem to be all that intelligent. I can tell that its not an older person or someone who has a lot of experience in the investment arena. Most of the messages seem to be from whackos or are intended to be malicious at times. Well, you know what I mean, I dont have to elaborate.

    Google on the other hand has a fairly well run message board. While it seems to be seldom used, the messages that exist on the board seem to be well worded and contain some intelligence. Im not sure what Google does or if its moderated. I dont see the abuse that seems to run wild on the Yahoo message board. I dont know how Yahoo sees their message board system as a well run operation. Its obvious that its being abused in many ways. Sometimes laws are violated on the yahoo message boards in both a civil and criminal manner.

    I am bullish on the stock of Yahoo, but it is these types of incidents that make me wonder where the operation is going. A reform of the Yahoo message board would definately be of some help to the ailing company.

    The question remains who are the Yahooligans. I guess my life is different then some other people. I have work and responsibilities that I tend to everyday. I am not by the computer all the time. I dont know how some people can sit by on a feedreader and reply in real time using vulgarity in every post. I just cant imagine the type of individual who would do such a thing or how they make their coin from day to day.

    This is one of those mysteries of life. . .
  2. I made the mistake of surfing the finance/trading groups stuff the other day.
    Again....just figured it might have gotten better, gawd knows why.

    No chance. Even the spam is no better, if, if it was something i could use, but ........
    Its just crapola, of a dozen different flavours.
    All of them crapola-based flavours.

    Never got how that worked. Is it possible, everytime yahoo/msn/goog/etc etc trumpets "xyz sqiullion users, a bazzillion groups", that 99% of them were spammers in the first place?

    Is it possible, most of the value of these internet stocks-was based on spam /troll figures in the first place??
  3. ultranet


    hmm.. yahooligans.. nice term...
  4. They let anyone post anything because it raises their page hit numbers and hence the ad revenue.
  5. The Yahooligans operate off of the Law of Large Numbers.

    They dont attempt to influence large investors, but small investors in mass. Thousands of would be retail shareholders are seemingly scared off like it or not.
  6. You know I did notice something interesting about the Yahoo message boards.

    On the stocks that actually become winners, like ESLR when it was $0.50-$1.00 or MAG when it was being accumulated at $2.00, or, best of all, TIE back in late 2004- early 2005, there are some smart a$$ mofos posting some great analysis.

    Don't discount everything on there as BS, some of those people really know their sh*t. The people on the TIE board, when it was barely doing 100k a day, man they really did their research and had no hesitation sharing it.