Who are the worlds elite traders that offer courses

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  1. szaby_n



    I have a question wich i have trouble in finding the answer too.I`m a novice first i`m goind to admit that but hopping to improve over time.

    We all know that WD Gann offered some very expnesive courses between the 1930's and 1950's.
    I would like to know if possible if there are any such kind of courses out there offered by succesful traders such as Gann was at his time.

    If you could please give me some names i would be very happy.
    Thanks a lot for having the kindness to read this words,
  2. calreg11


    During what are some things you are looking for in a course?
    Are there specific instruments, time frames, mentor type?
    Also, what is your goal from the course? One trade system, more market awareness, etc.
  3. Visaria


    No course as such, but you can read George Soros's The Alchemy of Finance where he discusses his method.