who are the winning traders?

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  1. can we make a list? I think this would be beneficial to a lot of newbies like myself.

    lawrence chan

    no jokes please! serious answers so I can comb through post history and such.
  2. How do you know they are winning traders? seriously. how do you know?
  3. You're never going to know that from ET. This place is full of lies.
  4. Nexen


    Let's give credit where credit is due; but ET is great entertainment! :D
  5. i.e., I want to know whose histories I can read, so I can find an easier path to self riches...
  6. those who can only fake acting...
  7. Usually the ones who post the least .... if at all.
  8. croupier


    I agree. Many think that the number of posts makes them better traders. Or heavy posters are heavy traders...

    And thats not my opinion because I have that few posts.. :D
  9. croupier


    The winning traders that I know of (two to be exactly, not from ET :confused: ):

    - have invested much screentime, in this time they only lost or made no money. But they did survive this stage without betting the farm...
    - They focus first on risk, then on profit.
    - They have an extreme passion for the markets, wich gave them the energy to stay in game.
    - They dont hear what others are saying.
    - They follow only their own experiences and laugh when they hear about magic indicators or systems.
    - They dont have trading blogs or post every day in forums.

    So, I am sorry, no ET names from my side. Only general observations.

    Have a good week. :)
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    The only one I know who posted in real time was Geez.
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