Who are the top five stock trading guru's who teach their methods?

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    Hello Everyone,

    Who do you feel are the top five stock trading guru's who teach their methods? And why?

    I'm doing some research and was asked to review the trading methods of some of the top traders/instructors, so we could see how their methods would apply with some of the novel features of our own Level IV Software.

    To that end, I'd appreciate any leads you can give me.


  2. Tim Sykes because he is the best marketer around :p
  3. Tim Sykes # 1 on Covestor
  4. EvanC

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    On November 1, Covestor disassociated from Mr. Sykes...

    Any other leads?
  5. Try Victor Niederhoffer, he has trained more than a few top hedge fund managers and I understand is getting back into the market. What's the upside of working with you on your project?

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    TFF :cool:
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    From site:

    "Tim Sykes is no longer managing an investment model on the Covestor platform. Due to the nature of Tim's strategy, we were not able to effectively replicate his trades for our clients. We are committed to providing our clients with the best experience possible and are constantly striving to enhance the marketplace, so had to part ways with Tim."

    Don't want to say told you so...but ...told you so. His strategy is not scalable and it's beyond unrealistic to believe that more than a few people could trade his strategy trading tiny size. That's why Sykes went into the marketing/sales arena trying to lure in as many suckers as he could. He knew there was little money to be made trading illiquid-non shortable stocks. It's amazing that any people follow this guy. But I guess when you feed on kids with 3000 dollar trading accounts who don't know any better there is a lot out there to lead into the land of make believe.

    So Neiderhoffer is gonna start trading again. Just in time. I am sure he will sell a ton of Stock index Puts and get obliterated once again. I guess with the Vix sitting between 15-20 for a long time he thinks it's safe to come back in. Hello Vix at 40 in about 4 months.....

  8. The way I understand the situation, and I could be completely wrong, VN will be trading individual stocks this time......
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    Hi Surf,

    We have developed a new technology that gives us the capability of following the entire pre-transactional market maker activity for up to 1,000 symbols at once. Our early adopters have been using our pre-transactional indicators to improve the quantity of profitable trades by 20% or more. We believe this timing tool in conjunction with traders' already existing methods can help improve profitability significantly.

    We are looking for other successful traders with their own proven styles to help in this project.

    Trading styles can include intraday, position, swing, trend, breakout, support and resistance and other techniques.

    Thanks for the suggestions, and please keep them coming if you think of anyone else,

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    Best risk reward ratio is the Top Trader books by Jack Schwager;track record/experience/discretion.

    If one loves to have fun/ spend money ;seminars are about the best way for fun/money spending. Not a good risk reward, but it takes all kinds to make a market.Some learn better in a group.:cool:
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