Who are the top 10 members/traders on ET?

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  1. I'm relatively new to this site and read a post on ET earlier tonight that got me thinking:
    Who are the members on ET that you consistently find yourself impressed by? Maybe you measure this simply by the number of positively viewed posts or by their status as big time traders. I don't know. I'm basically asking who on this board is worth taking seriously?
  2. stock trad3r, he is a brilliant genius. We are fortunate to have someone of his caliber here.
  3. There are several, but austinp and kiwi_trader come to mind first.
  4. allenhobbs is a sophisticated, disciplined trader with amazing money management skills.
  5. He managed to blow out an account in just a shade under a month.
  6. I forgot the ... :p , :D
  7. Drew07


    For me, Anekdoten and holy grail have been particularly generous with their knowledge and have helped me as a trader.
  8. Trader28 and his band of merry men
  9. Hedge Fund Trader a.k.a. Day7793 as well as other aliases he has has helped me tremendously wif my spellin and grammer, lik stock trad3r, I couldnent emagen whut it'd be lik wifout thim.
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