Who are the Republicans grooming for a 2012 run?

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  1. Curious who are they grooming for 2012?

    Romney is out of the picture (Mormon issue)
    Palin looks to be a top candidate.

    Bobby Jindal ?

    Who else?
  2. Barber,Newt,Palenty,Huckabee,maybe Perry.Paul might take another shot at it
  3. She has my vote in the Republican primary
  4. Also Obamacare is 95 % the same as Romney care
  5. Romney is the only one that has a remote chance of winning. There are no others under current consideration. Who gives a fuck what his religion is?
    Palin is a joke. Jindal? Thanks for the laugh. Bad as things are and will be, Obama will probably win again. Just goes to show how completely fucked up our country is.
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    That #@*& McCain is eager to try again. :p
  8. I like Ron Paul. Does he really have a chance though. His ideas make sense but will republicans vote for him?
  9. No chance.He might get a bunch of suckers to send him a ton of money again though
  10. The quintessential Right Wing candidate:


    Two-dimensional, self-involved, and ready to take his party to new cartoonish levels.
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