Who ARE the regular P&R posters?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by saxon, Feb 18, 2008.

How much formal education have you had?

  1. I'm a college graduate.

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  2. I dropped out of college.

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  3. I dropped out of high school.

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  4. I dropped out of grammar school.

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  5. I dropped out of kindergarten.

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  1. saxon


    I haven't spent much time in this forum, mostly because the tone always seems pretty childish. So I don't know the players here very well. Thought a quick survey might help.
  2. I dropped out of the world.

  3. I had everyone fooled until I mispellet skool.
  4. I could never spell teacher, but now I are one.
  5. silly thread & poster
  6. Didn't you mean "I is""??
  7. saxon


    Here's a revealing statistic.

    I just did an ET search on the word "Hitler". It has been used 2,467 times in the Politics & Religion forum!!

    get the picture? :)
  8. LT701


    there should have been 2.467 invokations of Godwin's law

  9. Yeah, but used all by the same poster including his 17 aliases.
  10. <s>doodoo</s> :D oops.. i mean dddooo
    #10     Feb 18, 2008