who are the real traders on ET?

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  1. I am not the worlds greatest trader, but I trade in the desire to one day become a full time trader (and I think this site helps me with that). The reason of this thread is because I have seen people who do not think you can make 2pt+ a day on the es (consistently) and I set out to see if they were right. So I went through years of threads to see what was true or not. Well, I found something interesting, the ones claiming 10pts+ a day were all liars it seemed. I found one guy who claimed on making 10pts a day and never having a losing week EVER. I researched it at first to see if his method (guarded closely of course he said) had some possible way to do his claims (because I do think it can be done 5Pts+). Well it turned out that he posted a chart with lots of the indicators erased etc. and with only the longs and short entry's showing. Well I knew I had seen it somewhere else. I finally realized it was from a famous traders website archive. This dude had literally taken his stuff and erased pieces of it to make it his own to show everyone (truly disgusting). I know I do not post here alot but I do read most of the threads. This stuff must stop. It's ruining this awesome website. Lots of people seem to be here just to knock people down or to get a cheap ego trip. remember, if crap keeps being put on this site, it will start losing any real value. We need a list of suggestions on how to stop it and keep this site focused on the real goal "helping traders trade".
    My suggestion is that people first start with quitting all the condescending remarks. I think it makes people feel stupid and they then want to make themselves feel better by making themselves appear as awesome traders. Also when people get mad they may start posting false info just to get back.
    I hope I did not offend anyone . It's just that I like this site and would hate to have it go down the drain.
    P.S. Have fun in the markets today........
  2. I am a real trader, just not a good one. :) I think we have lots of those.
  3. I am not being stupid. I am just stating the obvious. That lots of replys are either lies or putdowns. I was a national champion runner and trained with some marine recons. I learned one thing- If you want to be the best you have got to be focused and give everything you got. If you want to just be average then just bullshit around who cares. But, no one remembers the avererage. So if you are here then you probably want to make $$$$ in trading. If this is a board for people who want to be in the 90% of losers then keep acting stupid. Rember either you are the hunter or the pray.
    I prefer to be the HUNTER!!!!!
  4. Right now the hot buzz on ET is the Hershey method.

    There are people here that swear he is a bonified guru and others including myself think he is not sane.

    Besides him... I dont think anyone here is acting as a guru... because ET members are pretty fast in knocking that kind of stuff down.

    Personally.. I swing trade trade fulltime profitably.. and I am trying to get involved with daytrading.

  5. maxpi


    You either have to charge admission or put up with the depraved.
  6. Island: I think you're missing the big picture. You need to take the good with the bad. This site has helped me exponentinally with my learning curve, and yes the negative posts I recieved asking newbie questions, could at times, be a bit discouraging. But, it only takes one good reply or idea to keep me focused on becoming a trader full time. There are very helpful posters out there with alot of experience, but there are even more less successful traders who may have had a bad trading day and instead of going home and kicking the dog, they will reflect their negativism to other posters, telling them that its just not possible to do what the poster wants to do. I've been guilty of it.
    Great traders treat their trading as a business and not all business' make it for various reasons. I'm sure you'd find the same ratio of good and bad posts on a site for people starting their own business.
  7. i personally think that the lack of quality lately with ET posts has more to do with market conditions that are **totally** unfriendly to intraday traders, combined with the options exchanges being total dickwads about cancel fees, and the NYSE tape-reading techniques no longer being at all viable.

    just my .02

    and as our old friend Rigel used to say, "if you care, don't share (your strategy)"


    PS -- whenever I want to share something with someone else, i almost always do it over PM. i have met some truly quality individuals on this site, and frankly, the information i wish to share with them is for them only, and NOT for the assholes...
  8. LMAO!! WOOHOO HOO .. good one! :D

  9. I never placed a trade in my life. I'm really a scaredy-cat.
  10. Welcome to the board!!
    I must admit, this board has gotten so harsh lately!!!!....and now jack hershey is Gone!!!

    Seriously though...if you want to know who the real traders on this board are send a PM to MRMARKET.....he is the best!
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