Who Are The Occupy Wall Street Crowd?

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    We (Doug Schoen) interviewed nearly 200 protesters in New York's Zuccotti Park.

    ...the Occupy Wall Street movement reflects values that are dangerously out of touch with the broad mass of the American people....The protesters have a distinct ideology and are bound by a deep commitment to radical left-wing policies.

    Half (52%) have participated in a political movement before, virtually all (98%) say they would support civil disobedience to achieve their goals, and nearly one-third (31%) would support violence to advance their agenda.

    The vast majority of demonstrators are actually employed, and the proportion of protesters unemployed (15%) is within single digits of the national unemployment rate (9.1%).

    An overwhelming majority of demonstrators supported Barack Obama in 2008. Now 51% disapprove of the president while 44% approve, and only 48% say they will vote to re-elect him in 2012, while at least a quarter won't vote.

    Fewer than one in three (32%) call themselves Democrats, while roughly the same proportion (33%) say they aren't represented by any political party.

    What binds a large majority of the protesters together—regardless of age, socioeconomic status or education—is a deep commitment to left-wing policies: opposition to free-market capitalism and support for radical redistribution of wealth, intense regulation of the private sector, and protectionist policies to keep American jobs from going overseas.

    Sixty-five percent say that government has a moral responsibility to guarantee all citizens access to affordable health care, a college education, and a secure retirement—no matter the cost. By a large margin (77%-22%), they support raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans, but 58% oppose raising taxes for everybody, with only 36% in favor. And by a close margin, protesters are divided on whether the bank bailouts were necessary (49%) or unnecessary (51%).

  2. The democratic party is going down hard and fast with their open support, side by side with The American Nazi Party!

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    There are reports that the Dems are starting to see donors balk because of their support of the OWS group. Maybe the Democratic Party will dissolve after the whooping they will get in the 2012 elections. :D

  4. Ah, the irony. The Dems with the big checkbooks are Boomer aged and have long forgotten their rebellious "change the world" mantra from the late 60's. Now, they desperately need more of the "status quo" that the OWS is fighting tooth and nail to destroy.

    As is typical with this administration, they try to "appease" everyone and, in the process, alienate everyone. This situation will be no different. The big difference is the rallying cry behind the 99% is an empty bank account for the "re-elect Obama" campaign.
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