Who are the companies out there...

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  1. hi guys

    i know of optiver and IMC, but who are the other companies out there?

    i'm very interested in applying for jobs are a trader in a market making firm (australia preferred, but still curious as to what's out there)
  2. I am sure he will be on soon but Bright trading are another but what are you looking for stocks or Futures?
  3. both!
    i've had experience with stocks, but am interested in futures
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    A full list of Market Makers in Auz can be found by accessing the ASX website and looking for market maker obligations in the search facility.

    The mains ones are Optiver, Tibra, Timber Hill, Susquehanna, Liquid Capital, IMC and Citigroup, JP Morgan and Macquarie.
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    I'm not sure if this is a dead topic or not...

    However, be aware that you will only be able to apply to be a market maker at these firms...
    IMC, Optiver, Tibra (they all play the same game, trade the same way, do not be fooled into thinking otherwise).

    For the investment banks, you would generally apply through their grad program and eventually end up on the desk if you have the aptitude.

    For Susq, you would apply as trading assistant, then move to the desk eventually. They are more focused on your quick responses to probability questions than others.

    For Timber Hill, its all algo market making. They don't have a trading desk.

    They are not stock/futures traders in the way i think you view them (directional) All of the companies which are market making the ASX/SFE are scalpers/vol/arb traders.