Who are the biggest crooks of wall street?

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  1. Can you say 'conflict of interests' where the conflict has to do with the public good being considered of secondary importance to private gain, where private has to do with the likes of investment banks, broker-dealers and their various, numerous spawn.

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  2. The paper fillers at COMEX. It used to take hours for fill reports to show up for market orders in gold.
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  3. As long as you don't screw your brother, everyone is fair game. And they wonder why people hate them so.
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  4. Gold MAN Sacks! I figure they are a taxing authority on the US.

    The government should replace the "....backed by the full faith and taxing authority of the United States Goverment..."


    "...backed by the financial controlling arm and silent taxing authority of the United States Government, Goldman Sachs..."
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  5. (1) Goldman Sucks

    (2) Mother Merrill. I was a broker there for two years, and the culture...:eek:
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  6. Goldman is my vote. They just downgraded SIGM (today) two days before earnings ... 10m short shares out of a 25m float and the $21 stock has $2.50-2.90 in 08 earnings per share.

    Enjoy. might be a good entrance.
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  7. I think we should make a list of the top ten and then have a poll... Goldman will certainly be #1, but I'm just curious how much of the vote they will gather and how far 2nd place will be. Try to make this perception as scientific as possible on ET.
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  8. Goldman.. don't forget they were long all that credit garbage in their alpha fund but simultaneously short in their prop positions meaning essentially money was flowing from their investor's pockets into their own.
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  9. I am....:D
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