who are the best traders in the world?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by optijose, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. optijose


    for you; who are the best traders in the world and why?:p :p
  2. The best trader is surely unkown. It is rather the best WELL-KNOWN trader :D.

    For me it's Larry William. I mean I think the majority of people think it is him.

  3. Could it be, qdz4? :p
  4. No way, my own favorite is Ed Seykota. Larry Williams is overrated.
  5. Ebo


    Budd Fox by far!
  6. 0008


    It should be yourself!:D
  7. <-------------------------------------- #1 in the world, baby!!!
  8. and

    from mighty oaks come tiny acorns
  9. And is not very well known.
  10. danielc1


    Edwin Livermore...
    #10     Apr 10, 2003