who are the best mechanic traders on ET?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by man, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. man


    my list is short and contains some ex-members:


    i am just assuming they are doing well and do so mechanically. i
    do not know for sure ...
  2. TraDaToR


    EricP,AutoMate, HoundDogOne, TSGannGalt to name a few
  3. ...perhaps you should renew you question?

    Which are the best mechanical systems for special (or even all) markets?

    This can be answered using performance tests and benchmarks.

    Only my two cents,

  4. man


    i forgot Eric. though i think he is more in the single stock arena if
    i recall correctly, which does not interest me too much, so i did not
    encounter him too often.
  5. man


    i intentionally did not want to turn it into a beauty contest. just in
    another thread someone mentioned that as a newbie on ET you can
    hardly distinguish between noise and value. and i thought a thread
    could change that ... :).
  6. Schaefer


    You missed a few:

    No PM Please

    Schaefer :)
  7. Be careful when equating volume with skill. Some of the best traders around here post infrequently, if at all.

  8. Out of the names mentioned so far in this thread...

    I've only seen the brokerage statements of two.

    Yep, one of them has a high message post count here at ET.

    However, that doesn't imply the others have not shown verification of real trading results via their mechnical systems or mechanical approach to the markets.

  9. ElCubano


    I agree 100%.....and your choices are a fantastic example of where one could get started when visiting this site....their posts are full of right here right now everyday answers and feelings and thoughts to many many questions...i know some may no longer be posting but the "SEARCH" function is by far the best contribution ET makes to its members...

    and the list is huge when going back in time....many years of many quality posts and contributions by some top notch posters...one thing is for sure....there are many ways to skin the cat...peace
  10. JSSPMK


    I wouldn't have thought that Buy1Sell2 implements mechanical based trading, perhaps partially so, I see quite a bit of discretion in his decision making at times :)

    Overall he is darn good!
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