Who are the best forex brokers for trading micro/mini size lots?

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  1. Who are the best forex brokers for trading micro/mini size lots?

    I want to trade very, very, very small size positions initially until I have some success with this.

    I will mainly be doing swing and position trading.

    Which forex brokers would you recommend for trading extremely small position size?
  2. Oanda is #1 on my list:
    you can trade as low as $1 with very low currency pairs spreads (0.9 pips EURUSD) .
    For additional charting, I use Metatrader.
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    MBT - has metatrader trading platform
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    I would say that Oanda are very good in micro lots.
    FXCM also offer micro lots trading. But I would suggest you to read review before you start trading their micro lots: <a href="http://www.dailyforex.com/FXCM-Micro/FXCM-Micro-review/585">FXCM Micro Review</a>.
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    Oanda is good, but their platform may go down when you are about to enter a trade. :D
  6. travelingtrader: repeating what DynamicHedge posted
  7. Either Oanda or MB Trading is what I'd go with, but it really depends on how small you wanna go.

    $1 min deposit
    1 unit minimum trading size

    MB Trading:
    $400 min deposit
    1,000 units min trading size
  8. Have accounts at both, however my MB is mostly inactive. Prefer Oanda.
  9. I've tried it with LucrorFx before when I was just started. It was fine then...
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    no that won't happen if you clean you java cache each morning and put your browser to set to autoclean when you close it. Oanda can't help it if you don't understand how computers work !
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