Who are all these clowns supporting Obsama

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stock777, May 1, 2008.

  1. Here's a man that sat in the pews, listening to a Black Supremacist for 20 years. Clapping.

    And they can't wait to endorse him.

    Sick bastards.
  2. I'd like to put this into context:

    Obama needed Rev. Wright as he started his political career to gain support in the black community. He needed Tony Rezko's connections to gain support from the Chicago Political Machine.

    He got all of this . . . and now he's screwed. The people that are supporting him believed his rhetoric of change. They're looking for a man on a white horse to come and save them from the Republicans. Now that Obama's past is coming back to haunt him, he doesn't look like such a savior. The only thing holding him up now is the fact that people hate Bush and the Republican party. It's not about Obama anymore.
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    What you're saying is that Obama didn't really deserve his recent notoriety and success, and I agree. But, that's where we are and the Democrats are stuck with him, they have to give him the nomination. Which puts a third Republican term in play and gives McCain a great chance to be the one on the white horse (or tank, or F15 if you prefer) that you mentioned. :)
  4. Don't be fooled! How do you think he got up there, by accident? A long shot who came out of nowhere?

    Like Al Gore, Obomba is a tool of the globalists (the elite bankers).

    Why do you think they are both pushing for a GLOBAL carbon tax (to squeeze us even further).

    I bet both also want to push intested dangerous GM foods our way as their "solution".

    If Obomba doesn't win after stripping the voting rolls and using the unaudited electronic voting machines, then the Supreme Court will simply install him.
    Learn from history..
  5. when it appeared obama was too far ahead the media shifted focus to jeremiah wright and started running him on the news channels 24/7. this definitely took a toll on obama's numbers. the plan is chaos in denver and to bring in a white knight there. they want to tie this race up till then and obama was ruining their plan. watch for some funny business tuesday and no definitive winner.

    then start listening for mich and florida being discussed... they will take that to the courts if they need to. and this summer watch them try to push "how hot it is" outside... and climate change will get more media play. its all one big set up.
  6. A conspiracy without mentioning the word JEW.
    You are maturing.
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    I plan to vote for Obama. I don't consider myself a clown. I have seriously considered all of the candidates, and many seemed highly qualified. To me Obama seems a rather extraordinary candidate. I am guessing he will make an extraordinarily good president.
  8. Oh man, that had me rolling!
  9. here is the man behind Obama... the one with the real power:

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  10. have you seen how all the n****s are supporting his clown ass, and what is the population of n****s in this country?!
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