Who Am I Now Friends With?

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  1. I am an ol guy 65, who retired in Nov, 2002 to pursue a life long desire to trade stocks. I did well swing trading in 2003, but of couse that year you could throw darts at the charts and do well. I started day trading in May, 2004 (expecting it to be easy) and suffered 5 consecutive years of huge losses before turning profitable in June, 2009. Enough about me.

    I learned of this site from SFO magazine and picked this Psychology forum (to make my first post ever to any forum) because this area is the absolute key to successful trading.

    My question to some of you long time members, Who is out there? Are there people who day trade stocks every day. I am a solitary guy in this regard because I do not even know anyone who daytrades. My recent modest success comes via learning the hard way from the market' cruel teaching methods, with support from some good trading books. It would be fantastic to develop relationships with like minded people.

    Thanks for listening.
  2. It`s not a small task to compete with highly skilled videogamers in today`s market. Because the market is a videogame for quiet a long time yet.If you don`t have that skills, chances are slim to none. Sorry, it`s true.:(
  3. My friend Pete is in a motorized wheelchair....
    so I gagged him, taped a chainsaw to his hands, ,wrapped him in tin foil and sent him on "Robot Wars"
    but seriously he sucked.....oh and he did mention he's not my friend anymore.!
  4. Sounds like my story except I just had small losses.
  5. So you are 73 years OLD now?

    man, why stress yourself? go and enjoy the rest of your life.
  6. Welcome to the zoo, IT! I am 65+, daytrade every day, and thank my good fortune that I have no trading friends. As the Sutra advises for attaining wisdom, "Fare lonely as the rhinoceros." You will do a whole lot better solo than listening to most of the fucksticks here.
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    It sounds like he retired in 2002, and is now sixty five.

    He may be lonely, and trading may fill a void. Just don't want to see him get into this if he's under capitalized, and inexperienced.

    Wish him the best though.
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  9. And we wonder why most people can't trade.
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