Who Am I Now Friends With? Part II

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  1. Thanks to All who responded to my original thread a few days ago. I got the answer to my question (Who am I now friends with?) loud and clear.

    1. One total psycho
    2. One sex maniac
    3. Two who can not read. I said I was 65 in my first 5 words of the post.
    4. Four who cannot comprehend what they read. I did not say I was lonely or a beginning trader. I said I was a solitary trader who had been trading since 2004.
    5. None who can answer a direct question.
    6. One who apparently gives good advice. "Stay a solitary trader and ignore the dipsticks on this site"

    One more question. After my first experience on this forum, is there any reason for me to stick around?

    Thanks again for listening.
  2. A further message from the rhinoceros: the psycho, the sex maniac, both illiterati, and the four idliots could all be the same person using different aliases. I myself have twenty, which I use as the mood or involuntary internal personality switches dictate. Actually, you got relatively kind responses for ET given the nature of your initial post. The first thing to learn is to put fools and bullies and those with clear scamming agendas immediately and unhesitatingly on "ignore." That will eventually make your experience here better. Because there are sharp people here. I love ASusilovic because he posts interesting econ links I would otherwise never see. I also love Gabfly1 because he is an entertaining Canuck liberal, who also trades for a living, a velly smart fellow. But for every one such, I have at least 20 on ignore because of their destructive agendas. I may even have myself on ignore, I forget. It IS possible to carry on a rational conversation about trading if the moderators want you to. But it is hard because there are so many wise-assed punks and English-is-my-third language America haters here. I also advise you to block PMs to avoid unwanted flaming or potential entaglements. Look up the source of the rhinoceros sutra. It holds much good advice applicable to ET.
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    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! I love 1-3!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D

    Ok, I am a RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) I manage other people's money and ONLY get paid for performance. NO, I do not charge a flat fee, or fee based on aum (Assets Under Management)

    I swing trade equities both long and short. I'm positive for the year, but only 4.4%:( My Clients are the types who would rather have some return, than be under water chasing the home runs. That being said, you can see my style is rather conservative. However, I do trade LEAPS, Spot Fx, and Futures for my own account, which is why I like to read ET to see what others are into. Some here are rather silly, but you've got to have thick skin to be in this game full time.

    The markets are meaner, and more mischievous than any poster on ET could dream be. NEVER forget that Sir!

    I'll answer your questions when I can, but just like the infamous Gordon Gecko said, "if you want a friend around here, get a dog." That statement is 100% spot on! There are good guys here with good knowledge. You've got to stick around, read, and ignore the one's you don't want to hear from. Pretty simple.

    Btw, I am the one who said you may be lonely. From your post, asking "who am I going to be friends with now" coupled by your age, and a five year losing streak, I took it you may be lonely, and trading may fill a void. I certainly didn't mean to offend you Sir! (Yes, I call people Sir and Mam. I am in my late 30's, and have NEVER forgotten what the Marine Corps instilled in me about respect many years ago...)
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    Gotta admit, I almost spit ice water all over my monitors when I read 1-3. This one is going to be a classic for ET!:D :D :D :D :D
  5. Bond funds are up 4% on the year. One hundred percent or more is a reasonable goal for a futures trader.
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    Maybe you should re-read my above post.
  7. There is entertainment and information value at this site.......some of the time. :cool:
  8. Just this new thread implies it would be better for us if you did not participate. Sounds like you have major issues. Just get out of a time capsule from your 1955 world?
  9. Hey, thanks for the advice. I thought I might be jeered and hooted right off the site after I poked a lot of fun at the responders of my first post. LEAPup, thank you for your service as a Marine for all of us in this great country. I toured the Marine Corps museum in VA last year and it was very sobering. The Discovery show on making the cut for the Marine Recon units was amazing. I was not offended by being called lonely just felt misunderstood.

    Responders seem to focus on my 5 years of failure in the markets but did not notice that I have been profitable for the last 16 months actually up a little over 30% during this 16 month period. I trade a small basket of high volume, high ATR stocks like Apple, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, etc making anywhere from 10 to 30 trades a day.

    I joined this forum to see if there are like minded serious traders out there to interact with as peers to comiserate with, and celebrate with, who understand. I have a lot of good friends but they "MEGO" me (my eyes glaze over) when I even mention trading. My initial reaction was not too favorable of achieving my goal but you two have given me hope that this may still be possible.

    Thanks, PS: The sex maniac's comments has been removed from my first thread.
  10. IT, I friggot to mention that the world's finest mind readers are to be found here.
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