Who actually called the bottom / Who are the fools who shorted 6500?? :D

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spanish89, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. And I do remember PUBST went long on that day
  2. Pekelo


    Here kitty, kitty :

  3. Sure you did.

    I was the seller.

    But I was hedging a play 100x that size, so lets just say, you're a piker.
  4. I'm a fool who shorted the bottom. For shame; however, I still maintain that this is a bear rally and that it will come tumbling back down. We already played this game before -- +900 points, and then we came back down on a hard fall. Government props up the market with some news, and then the rest of the news comes out.

    Remember, there's still earnings season.
  5. Sorry to hear that mate.. :(
    Hope you didnt lose much money.

    I would really really love the dow to actually collapse again though and break through the 6400s and make new lows!! :D :cool: :p

    Seriously, i cant think of anything more beautiful than that, since it would mean that again there would eb loads of easy money to be made form ONLY BUYING it down at such low levels,
    and nly ever making profit by just having EXTREME PATIENCE, and buying at reversals after big moves down. :)

    I doubt we will get down to new lows though,
    maybe wont even break 6800 again because the Fed annouced taht they were going to create hyper inflation, so the price tag of everything looks better and makes everything/one look 'richer',
    which makes the public happy which is the most important thing for them. ;)

    But i can still lie awake at night dreaming about if we do how grea that would be.. :) lol
  6. "Good Friday" Bottom of March 06, 2009. The Good Friday is in the sense of money, not in the sense of Jesus.

    They moved the thread to chit chat (which was a good sign).