Who accepts me, a daytrader?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by qdz, Nov 9, 2002.

  1. qdz


    If I have only $2000 for an account, which retailer or professional firm will accept me to day trade.

    If I becomes a professional, will a retailer firm allow me to day trade without PDT restrictions?

    Who is willing to sponse me to take S7 test? How much will it cost?

    Thank you.

  2. def

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    Good luck finding another firm besides IB.

    you've got 2K which probably means you have no track or a poor track record with your trading. Now you assume that a prop firm will front you the funds? Good luck.

    Read your review: say what you want about our service, attitude or policies. However, questioning the firms financial stability or security shows that you are very naive. The firm is constantly ranked amongst the safest on the street and the brokerage financials are available on the web site along with an S&P investment grade rating. The parent company IBG LLC has over a billions dollars in shareholder equity (never mind SIPC and 10 million in additional insurance). In addition, you expect SIPC (you spelled it wrong) to protect you in the event your password and e-mail accounts are compromised. You've got a lot to learn.
  3. qdz


    Thank you for replying, for most of which I take as continuous insults except misspelling. After all, I did the same to the firm for its horrible service. No problem.

    Other comments please. Any firm helps me. $2000 only.

  4. maglia rosa

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    How do you intend to make a living day trading with $2,000?
    How much of your capital is at risk on every trade?
    I think you are being ridiculous. You should be happy about any retail brokerage firm accepting your money and letting you open an account with them.
  5. qdz


    junior, :p
  6. qdz,

    if you do not want IB, i would say, E-Trade or Ameritrade would be fine for you...
  7. qdz


    Thank you for your suggestions. But ET and AM have the same annoying PDT margin rule that does not fit my system. You are right. Not only IB is not as safe and high-quality as they are, but IB suddenly applies PDT rules to stock options without notification. In my opinion, they are destroying their customers and their own business.

    I am looking for a prop firm. Because it seems I can sit with my money and have no one take advantage by ripping away my trading freedom. Of course I take the responsibility not to over-trade. But do not worry. $2000 is still a large bankroll. I can generate at least 50% commission for ya in the first month easily.

    Who takes me? Or any kind suggestions. Thank you.
  8. :eek: you are that "doher" dude who has this childish vendetta against IB aren't you? you're badmouthing IB all over the web. well stop it! get over it dude, and get happy.

    "People who have what they want are very fond of telling people who haven't what they want that they don't want it." - Mark Twain
  9. qdz


    No, doher made his or her points. I made mine.

    Of course, I have my agenda here. I keep quite and read good discussions. I also have to seek help to make a living. The biggest obstacle to me now is PDT margin rules. Of course, I have to attack it. IMO, you should as well.

    As for IB, you are right, I give bad opinions on them because they pissed me off. Isn't that simple and fair?

    Hope that helps you understand.

    Thank you.

  10. qdz


    Yes, I keep quiet. Thanks for pointing it out. I mean checking spell did help me this time.

    Your help and opinions are highly appreciated.

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