Whitney: Sobering..More PAIN, Credit Cards, Local Gov Bonds

Discussion in 'Economics' started by lrm21, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. lrm21


    Pretty Sobering analysis.

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  2. I really like Meredith Whitney, and do not think her financial call was a byproduct of 'luck.' It was too specific, and she's not exactly a permabear.

    Also, much of what she was saying two months ago about credit issues and credit card default rates and delinquencies is already coming to fruition, in a very specific, consistent way that she described it would.

    She's one of the few analysts that I always pay attention to when she's interviews or gives a commentary.

    In the world of finance, 98% of the analysts seem to be so consistently wrong, they make a mockery of the whole system. It's refreshing to see someone like Ms. Whitney come along, who apparently does a ton of research, and make the salient and timely calls that she has so far made.
  3. Yes and that is why I think she is starting her own firm. People are willing to pay top dollar for good analysis.