Whitney Houston

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  1. Whitney Houston, what a talent and what a shame.

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  2. Brass


    That was exceptional.
  3. r-in


    Yep! I wasn't a fan of her music, but I got the talent she had. Just amazing, and what a waste. I maybe wrong, but I think Bobby Brown should be eliminated, as my impression is that he is the turd that got her into the life of an addict.
    What a waste.
  4. Brass


    Xanax is a tranquilizer. I pity anyone who goes down that road. But to suggest that cocaine and its derivative, crack, were just innocent bystanders in all this is to be disingenuous.
  5. Have her album and memorabilia sales increased significantly in the past few days? :confused:
  6. BryantR


    There is no denying her talent. Just wish she could have been spared from the drugs...so sad to see her life cut short like this.
  7. she had talent no doubt, but i lost respect for that anthem performance when I found out it was lip synched. If you can't sing the anthem live, you shouldn't stand up there pretending to sing it.
  8. krittika


    I`m your baby tonight...tonight...tonight..night...night....................
  9. :( I wish she didn't do drugs. She will be remembered.
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