Whitest county in Cali; not in compliance with Civil Rights act;needs more nonwhites

Discussion in 'Politics' started by phenomena, Mar 28, 2011.

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  2. Minorities in this country will continue to grow phenomena.Everything you're complaining about daily in ET will only get worse .You only have 2 choices,accept it or leave
  3. Well that doesn't sound very tolerant of you... LOL!!!

    The fact is those aren't my only choices, however. You forgot number 3, be politically active and "vote for change"... :D

  4. Politicians lie so you cant depend on that.
  5. Good thing for you the "jim crow" opponents didn't believe that... Oh don't worry, change is coming :D

  6. To think that a county government could be subject to "compliance" measures for not having enough nonwhites living there... That they "will be forced" to "comply"... So much for the "land of the free"...
  7. I feel bad for anyone who lives in Marin. Once the government starts bringing in busloads of blacks for section 8 housing, their community will be destroyed.

    There isn't a single documented time that an area was improved after blacks began populating it.

    Marin property values are about to plunge.
  8. In addition, they are going to financially subsidize the "compliance" to this "civil rights violation" of having too many white people in their county... WTF, the inmates are running the asylum...

  9. What type of change is that?
  10. To eliminate racial discrimination in government, and get government out of private affairs (like who businesses hire or why, or whether there are "too many" white people living in a given county)

    #10     Mar 29, 2011