Whites need not apply

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    How is this different than segregation, when a company specifically says that no one who is white should apply for a job? The huffington post headline says they should have left it, and that this is just fine, their headline on this story reads.... "CBC Should Have Stuck With "Any Race Except Caucasian" And the best part about it is the only reason the CBC is still in business is because of tax payer dollars.

    OTTAWA — A line in a CBC job posting for a children's show that read "any race except Caucasian" can apply has since been removed.

    The broadcaster removed the line Monday after it drew public ire. The CBC attributed its being posted initially to human error.

    "CBC sends a letter to our partners (casting agents included) for scripted and commissioned programming which clearly states our guidelines for fair and open casting practices. Regrettably, in this particular instance, an error was made by the casting agency that has since been corrected," a CBC spokesman told QMI Agency.

    NDP MP Andrew Cash, who himself has been on the CBC's payroll for writing the theme song for one show, called the casting call "unacceptable."

    "The job description from the casting company is completely unacceptable," he said. "The company has since removed the posting and apologized, which was the right thing to do.