White supremacists accused of planning for 'race war' in Florida

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How does ET feel about the assertions made by these White Supremicists?

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  1. They are correct, a race war is coming.

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  2. They are low brow bottom feeders who are in desperate need of psychiatric care.

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  3. They were just exercising their Constitutional rights.

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  4. Undecided.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Members of a white supremacist skinhead group called American Front trained with AK-47s, shotguns and explosives at a fortified compound in central Florida to prepare for what its reputed leader believed to be an “inevitable race war,” prosecutors said Tuesday.

    According to court documents, members of American Front discussed acts of violence that included causing “a disturbance” at City Hall in Orlando, shooting at a house and attacking an anti-racist skinhead group.

    At least 10 members of the group, which authorities described as a militia-styled, anti-Semitic domestic terrorist organization, have been arrested in Florida since the weekend, including at least three people on Tuesday.

  2. annlise


    The boy on the bottom left looks like Jacob, my former boyfriend.
  3. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    What's with all the new sock puppets?
  4. The guy in the bottom middle looks like GW .
  5. What did they actually do, other than talk about stuff? Since when is it illegal to prepare for a domestic disturbance? Seems to me it's realistic. If the SHTF, you will not be able to survive alone. You will need a group of like-minded people who can handle weapons and whom you trust implicitly.

    The New Black Panthers put out a bounty and openly threatened a citizen. The government did nothing. Why the disparity?
  6. no need to foment race war, just wait for inflation and economic meltdown under Obama to take it's toll on the inner city reservations. Maybe the natives will get restless and try raiding whities 'hood for food..
  7. pspr


    I read the story and kept waiting for what they did illegal. Other than one was a felon with a weapon all I read was some obscure law I had never heard about before. They should be arresting the Pink Panthers for worse.