White Monday?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by shortie, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. many will be afraid to carry longs over the weekend expecting some sh*t leading to a black monday. in all likelyhood we will actually have a quiet weekend without any major bad news (like bush's inspirational speech).

    could be a gap up leading to +15-20% day - a White Monday.
  2. I agree. Buy the close Friday. After all the suckers are margin-called out, it will be the buy opportunity of a lifetime.
  3. 15-20%? Wouldn't THAT be something. Sounds a bit ambitions, but it would be nice... my friends and neighbors are feeling the pain.
  4. What about buying 10 minutes after the open on Monday? Could be people who review their portfolio this weekend, and enter sell orders for Monday morning.
  5. at some point today it felt like it could be +10% day. this can actually happen on Monday.
  6. 15-20%? wow that would be the selling opportunity of 6 lifetimes...wow
  7. It's not unlikely to expect equal volatility in either direction at the next day. So don't be too quick to discount a possible 10% up day out of nowhere (even a gap if the short interest is there).
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    I bet we go higher monday. We are due for a short covering rally if nothing else. Ive been bearish for more than a year but now I think we are only 1000 points from the absolute bottom.
  9. You can't have a 15-20% day, the circuit breakers begin popping at 10%. It would have to come through a gap.
  10. You can't have a 15% up day? I didn't know that.
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