White males shootings pattern

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  1. WTF is happening ?

    From the guy who shot his ex-wife family Christmas night to The German kid who has just downed 16 students....

    Should white males be targeted for extra-screening when buying weapons ?
  2. Arnie


    Well, then you should include Asians and Africans too. Here in Va we had the worst shotting in history....guy was an Asian. Killed over 30. Just a few weeks ago, at the same school, we had another Asian decapitate his girlfriend. Then we had a guy from Africa shoot up a law school. More would have been killed, but luckily two other (white) students..with guns...subdued him.

    Aren't you an Asian?
  3. the guy who did the shooting in VA was not Asian

    He was American and he had American culture built in. Asian is someone who came from Asia recently and/or who was not born and not raised here in the US.

    Just because he looks like Asian does not make him Asian.
  4. No, if you are born in America your Asian qualities go away like magic.
  5. Tell that to the Black "Americans"
  6. The VA Tech kid? He was born in South Korea. I think that makes him Asian.
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    the white man is losing his mind,why you think america is falling apart,oh yeah can't forget they will be less then 50% of the pop by 2050, may i suggest canada for whitey.
  8. "Shakes head"

    You like to be lead by the hand don't you???? :eek:
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    the white man needs a hole in his head, take a look at history there have been no other race in the history that have cause more pain then the white man, yeah you can point to africa but guess what they only doing what the white did back in the day. white man is just sick and needs help.
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