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  1. How much value did white house lose in 2010?
  2. It has actually gained "a lot" since November because of the growing expectation that Obama will be a 1-term president. :cool:
  3. It lost exactly $44,833,000. Todays value of the white house is $251,617,000. At the peak of the boom it was worth $331,580,000.

    It was built in 1792 by slaves, free African-American laborers, immigrants, and salaried Europeans. It cost $232,371.82 to build, so looks like it went up in value 1,000 times in the last 218 years.

    It is a 55,000 sq ft mansion on 18 acres, with 16 bedrooms and 35 bathrooms. (they need twice as many bathrooms because so many politicians in the white house are full of shit.)

  4. i thought the white house was based on french architeture
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    From zillow.com
    Price History
    Date Description Price % Chg $/sqft Source
    05/07/2010 Listing removed * $232,371 -- $4 ABC Realty
    04/29/2010 Listed for sale * $232,371 -- $4 ABC Realty :D
  6. White house is worth $251,617,000. But who will buy white house because white house cannot be sold.

    Basically white house is worthless.