White House wary of new affirmative action Supreme Court case

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  1. White House wary of new affirmative action Supreme Court case
    By Olivier Knox
    The Ticket – 5 hrs ago

    The White House reacted cautiously to word Tuesday that the Supreme Court will take up an affirmative action case--and may potentially hear arguments on the volatile issue in the waning months of the presidential campaign.

    President Barack Obama's chief spokesman, Jay Carney, told reporters at his daily briefing that he would not comment "on the Supreme Court's decision to take up a case, or not take up a case."

    It's not uncommon for an administration to beg off when asked about the high court's doings, especially when it is not a party to the case, in order to avoid the appearance that it is improperly putting its thumb on the scales of justice.

    But Carney then waded into the issue in general terms, saying, "I think, as the Supreme Court has recognized in the past, diversity in the classroom has learning benefits for students, campuses and schools."

    "President Obama has said that, while he opposes quotas, and thinks an emphasis on universal and not race-specific programs is good policy, considering race along with other factors can be appropriate in certain circumstances," Carney said.

    "But again, I want to make sure that's viewed as a broad statement of where he has been and where his position is broadly, not a reference to this specific case," he said.

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    The regime doesn't want to jump aboard a sinking ship.

    Turns out that Kagan wrote a "friend of the court" briefing on this issue in the past so she has recused herself and that means race-based selection criteria at universities might be ruled against and so we might see a return to merit-based admissions.

    In Obama's rush to appoint a judicial activist to the SCOTUS he failed to vet her properly and did not realize that she has taken many actions in the past that will force recusal in quite a few of the big cases coming up including Obamacare.
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    Oh the humanity!