White House Tries Intimidation At Gallup Over Poll Numbers

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Sep 7, 2012.

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    A story concerning the possible abuse of power by the White House or Obama campaign that was initially dismissed by liberal blogs appears to be proving otherwise. According to internal e-mails, obtained by the Daily Caller'sMatt Boyle, sent between senior Gallup Organization executives, senior Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod attempted to intimidate the well known polling firm, when numbers for President Obama were not particularly ideal.

    When news broke that the Justice Department was filing a lawsuit against Gallup for overcharging their clients, there was suspicion that either the White House or the Obama campaign may have applied pressure to Gallup because of President Obama's less than great polling numbers from the organization.

  2. It's Chicago style to lean hard on those that print less than favorable reviews. Rumor has it that Rahm is twisting many a arm trying to silence the media reporting all the violent crime. Kind of hard to do when you have an average of about 20 shootings per day.
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    "Gallup: Obama's Job Approval Climbs to 52%; Leads Romney 48% to 45%"

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    That's true. I wonder if Obama still has the IRS going after big Romney donors. I haven't heard any more about that lately.
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  6. Don't you think that if Obama were to abuse his office via the IRS that he would have released Romney's last 10 years of tax returns? Come on. I don't think you have anything to worry about.