White House to Release Crypto-Related Executive Order

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  1. mlawson71


    The US authorities are preparing to release an executive order about cryptocurrencies that will deal with major issues, such government-wide strategy, digital currencies opportunities, and cryptocurrency risks.

    For now the details about the order are unclear, but according to latest reports, senior government officials are attending meetings to discuss the plan. President Joe Biden is expected to present a draft of said executive order in the next few weeks.

    For the past few years federal agencies have been mulling over and drafting regulations of cryptocurrencies, but the executive order is meant to serve as a binding agent of all these regulations and is supposed to be the center of all cryptocurrency regulation.

    Personally, I just hope they have no plans for a total ban or something of that sort.
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  2. RedDuke


    US will not ban crypto. Would be great of it brings down Tether crooks, and force every stable coin to be fully audited. Then we have a real price discovery.
  3. This is ridiculous.
    Executive Orders were traditionally for timely gaps in funding, or personnel.
    "The State Department has been missing the Deputy Head of such and such and cannot proceed. Congress is due to adjourn for Holiday. So President So and So signed an Executive Order to temporarily fill the spot immediately".

    Now, it's like we have given up on Congress, and have the Executive do everything.
    Does this mean we all get a tax cut ??
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  4. Where is the executive order on insider-trading and government front-running? I hear Pelosi could do with an education in that area...
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  5. LuckyMac


    Itll be interesting to see what they come up with. There will always be unregulated exchanges to use crypto so i cant see how they could ever ban it more like taxing it i think
  6. mlawson71


    I certainly am curious to see what exactly that order will contain and how serious its effect on the industry will be.
  7. Pekelo


    Wrong. Senate members by definition CAN NOT insider trade, simply impossible. Whatever they do, it is not considered insider trading. :)
  8. Overnight


    Just curious...is anyone getting short on this pending news, before it is released? Because there is no way some executive order is going to trigger buying by the algos, but rather selling. Should be a quick and sharp drop before a rebound.
  9. It is very dangerous to short a highly volatile asset/commodity that has already been pressed down significantly for the highs and is a spring waiting to be sprung. Or let's just say, a coiled snake ready to strike.

    If you still have conviction on shorting here, good luck to you sir.
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  10. What are they really gonna do aside from devise schemes to get a riskless piece of the action under the guise of "regulation to protect investors"?

    If they really want to ban it, it can be done within a day by shutting down the on/off ramps. But JP Morgan would have smth to say about that.
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