White House to begin domestic disarmament

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    Sources close to the Pentagon and the White House reveal a secret plan being developed by Obama and his closest advisors
    to undertake a disarmament of all non defensive weaponry from the citizenry. This will include all firearms from the lowly Derringer to semiautomatic assault rifles. The armed forces are close to the
    creation of a potent secret army designed to enforce martial law within the 50 states in the first stage of a revolutionary takeover of the United States.

    Funding for the secret and vast Obama Revolutionary Armed Liberation Society (ORALS) came under the guise of "stimulus"
    funding and unaudited off balance sheet funding by the Fed. After the 9-11 shock, the leftists realized how easy it is to effect a complete seizure of the consciousness by the shock of Americans. The financial crisis was engineered as the first step in the takeover of the United States. It is a replay of the Great Depression of the 1930s.

    The great head fake by Obama as a tax and spend liberal served as cover for his current plans for lifelong despotism. Both Liberals and Conservatives are battling one another while oblivious to real intentions of Washington.

    How, do you wonder, did our country run a trillion dollar deficit every year since Obama took office? The money has not been spent on food stamps, welfare, and all the liberal bogeymans. It is far worse. That money has been used to create a tyrannical armed force. Who is staffing this unknown army within our midst? How can it be accounted for?

    What do you think all this hoopla lately about "immigration reform" is about? Remember those numbers in the press about the number of illegal aliens in the US? 11,000,000. ELEVEN MILLION! And now the Republican Senators are tripping over themselves to find a way to legalize them? It is a bipartisan effort.

    4 trillion dollars and 11,000,000 million soldiers. Think about that.

    It's not unthinkable. Tyrants have been elected before. Hitler was in Germany in 1933. And Chavez was in recent years.

    It's a bloodless revolution. UNLESS WE STOP IT!
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    LOL Nice made up story. :D