White House to Allow Bush Tax Cuts for Wealthy to Expire

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Daal, Jul 22, 2010.

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  2. Great!!!!!!!:D
  3. most et-ers do not care as they are not affected, most are trying to make their 100 bucks a day and grinning at their "100%" return
  4. I guess all the rich Americans will be moving to Dubai and Vietnam now...
  5. That's good news too.
  6. very true.. the best to tell whether someone is wealthy or not is simply ask them their views on taxes for the rich. it's a 99% accurate method
  7. Buffett and Bill Gates would fall into that 1% exception.
  8. Retief


    Not really. The super rich are typically for more taxes because they got theirs and they're not worried about falling back into the middle class. They're more worried about poorer people getting angry and taking what they have, so they mouth platitudes about bigger safety nets and planetary conservation while flying about in private jets to environmental conferences.
  9. What ...and upset the meritocracy. :confused:
  10. So what you're saying is that you agree with me.

    We live in an oligarchy if anything.
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