White House praises Rubio's immigration proposals

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    White House: Rubio immigration moves may ‘bode well’ for action

    The White House praised Republican Sen. Marco Rubio’s proposals for an overhaul of immigration policy and said they “bode well” for bipartisan action early in President Barack Obama’s second term.

    Obama “expects to move very quickly on immigration after the inauguration,” press secretary Jay Carney told reporters. The president is expected to lay out some principles on the issue in his Feb. 12 State of the Union speech.

    “The reports about Sen. Rubio’s ideas bode well for a productive bipartisan debate,” Carney said. “We hope that it signals a change in the Republican approach to this issue, because if we are going to get this done it’s going to take more than just a handful of Republicans working across the aisle.”

    The press secretary had been asked about proposals from Rubio—whose name sits near the top of the 2016 field of Republican presidential contenders—to undertake sweeping changes in the way America handles immigration. According to the Wall Street Journal, Rubio backs tightening border controls but making it easier for high-skilled workers and seasonal farm workers to enter the country, and favors giving the estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. a path to getting a work permit and, eventually, citizenship.

    Can the polarized Congress handle two big issues—immigration reform and proposals to reduce gun violence—simultaneously?

    "There is no reason to believe that these kinds of issues can’t be worked on at the same time and you can expect the president to push for both measures—to reduce gun violence and for comprehensive immigration reform—because they are both priorities," Carney said.

    Rubio's ideas recall Obama's own proposals—something Carney did not fail to note.

    “We are encouraged," Carney said, to find that Rubio's plan "so closely reflects the president's blueprint for reform."
  2. Once these immigration issues are settled the democrats will lose the Hispanic voters. Hispanics are culturally conservative.
  3. Doubt it.Reagan gave Hispanics amnesty and they still voted democrat.Bush tried to give them amnesty and they still voted democrat.McCain tried to give them amnesty and they still voted democrat
  4. Obama tried to give them amnesty and they still voted democrat..
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    Latinos don't vote republican!

    Given that the republicans folded back in 2011 on the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance extensions, folded on the recent fiscal cliff debate and will fold on the debt ceiling, I present the republican national anthem:

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/4K1q9Ntcr5g" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  6. Some republicans think that easing on immigration will make Latinos vote for them and it wont.Latinos feel republicans only want amnesty because they want to use them for slave labor.Latinos also feel that most republicans are racists who hate brown and black people

    Amnesty will only give democrats millions of new votes
  7. stupid shit there IQ47
    slaves don't have the right to vote in the first place so who gives a fuck what they think.

    now if those slaves want to become citizens, well then they won't be earning slaves wages anymore now will they?

    There's no reason for the US to offer voting rights to illegal immigrants or those who think of themselves as slave labor.
  8. If Republicians can get 40% of the Latino vote , Democrats will never win another election.
  9. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Someone needs to explain to Latinos (hoping they would actually grasp the thought, of course) that continuing to vote democrat assures they remain poor and insignificant forever. The symbiont relationship the party and Hispanics have won't continue if they are allowed to crawl out of poverty - and the democrats know it.
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    Same applies to Africans.
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