"White House May Sue Arizona Over Immigration Bill"...

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  1. From Bloomberg news crawler.

    Can you fathom such arrogance?
  2. What good is that going to do? The Feds resorting to lawsuits. Pathetic.
  3. Can you imagine people who claim that Obama is incompetent and unqualified to be president...yet are found fearful and trembling like little girls that the Justice department may sue the state of Arizona?

    Tooooooooooo ridiculous...

  4. I hope it pisses enough states off to get more of them to oppose the Obama regime in general.. and kick those bums to the curb.

    But still... The Feds won't defend American borders and protect AMERICAN CITIZENS from violence and kidnapping. Then when the victims decide they need to defefend themselves, the Feds want to sue them for doing so?
  5. You have it backwards. It is a weak move on their (Feds) part. I don't think they want to send in the National Guard with the political climate what it is today, do ya' think? They created this mess.
  6. Weak move?

    No, the weak move would be to do nothing when something is racial in nature...

  7. You're talking about illegal immigration from Mexico right?
    Who are you saying created the illegal immigration from Mexico problem?
  8. Didn't you know? The big bad government forces businesses to hire illegal aliens...

  9. Brilliant move by President Obama,he needs Hispanics and Blacks to get out and vote in 2010 and 2012.Showing that he is fighting for them against racist Republicans will surely help in that effort
  10. Republicans have absolutely no fvcking standing to criticize Democrats for being soft on immigration.Regan gave amnesty to millions of illegals and the last Republican President and Republican presidential nominee tried to give amnesty to every illegal alien
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