White House appears ready to drop 'public option'

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  1. If the health co opps allow people with pre existing conditions to get ins and don't try to use technicality's to avoid paying for doctor recommended treatment I would be ok with it.I don't see how the co opps can survive when they take all the sick people while the ins companies continue to keep sick people out and deny recommend treatments.

    If it works Obama has my vote in 2012.IMO he should fight to make sure ins companies cant discriminate against the sick.If it works he has my vote in 2012,if things stay the same for the first time i will waste my vote on a 3rd party as I cant vote for any Republican other then Paul
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    It's only a matter of time, sad to say. Every day, more people think they can get something for nothing. Witness all the scams that take in money these days. Eventually there will be enough of these morons to trash the country.
  3. Most people dont want somthing for nothing,they just want whats fair

    If they have health ins they don't wont their claims denied do to a technicality

    If they don't have health care they don't want to be told you cant have health care because of a pre existing condition

    People don't want their life savings and every thing they worked for loss due to an illness or a claim being denied,half of all personal bankruptcies are due to medical bills
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    Lookin like a disaster. Cap and trade is dead in the Senate, health care is dead. Anything will get done? I am against both but feel some sympathy for a genuinely smart President with views I am whole heartily against. He needs Pelosi to go away, and Rahm. Rham is a complete disaster. This freak is completely commie and a thug. Threatening Senators, Governors. Staged questions? Forced service? Little puke. Anyway, it looks like Bernake is in charge of the nation. King B
  5. This is one of the dumbest claims of this whole debate. Why should the insurance company be forced to accept someone with a pre existing condition? It makes zero sense. If they are going to be forced to accept you in their insurance plan then why have insurance in the first place. Why not just live without health insurance and wait till you get a serious illness and then apply for insurance so the insurance company has to pay for your treatment? When you get better, you can dump the insurance. If you get sick again at some later time, repeat the process. With the pre existing condition clause it would be illegal for the health insurance company to deny you. What a great system. You don't have to pay in when you are healthy and when you are sick you just get insurance and pay a tiny fraction of your actual bill.

    Why don't we also apply this principle to other forms of insurance? Does it make any sense to force an insurance company to give you home insurance AFTER your home has burned down? How about taking out a life insurance policy on your spouse after they have died? This is the kind of logic being applied to the debate.
  6. Maybe thats why they need a gov plan to insure these people.With millions of people losing their jobs and their ins,the person who loss their job,their spouse and their kids who might have had a pre existing condition can never get ins again.?if a women has cancer and her husband losses his job and ins should this women just be left to die ?Should a person who has worked hard their whole life be forced into bankruptcy and lose everything they worked for do to an illness ?

    you are right about people only getting ins when they need it and in a previous thread i said health ins like car ins should be mandatory,if everyone has to have it the risk would be spread around.If not thats why a gov plan is needed

    Whats your solution to the problem ?Maybe one day this issue will effect you or a loved one ,you may have ins now,but if you sick you better believe that the ins company will doing everything they can to get rid of you and when they do no other company will insure you .
  7. Palin tweets, Obama retreats!!!
  8. Anyone in this thread have their private insurance not provided by employer's ...e.g. actuall traders?
  9. I have private ins by my employer but I have to pay for my moms and girlfriends ins from the Texas high risk pool after they were both denied by regular insurers.I pay 1,300 a month total for both of them

    Thank god Texas has a high risk pool,not every State does
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