White House: 2 million jobs will be created in 2012

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  1. But what about jobs lost? :D

    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) - The White House expects two million jobs will be created in 2012, slightly above the 1.8 million pace last year, according to Alan Krueger, the top White House economic adviser, on Friday. Krueger spoke to reporters as the White House economists released their annual Economic Report of the President. The administration expects the economy to continue to gather steam this year although the pace of the recovery will still be subdued given the after-effects of the debt and financial crisis. The White House said that uncertainty about government regulation is not holding back growth. This is a common argument of Republicans.

  2. 2 million is less than 200,000 a month, so that's pretty easy.
    Also, that's net, as in it includes jobs destroyed. Did you have a point or were you just making a really dumb joke?
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    Do you really think they would write a negative story on jobs, every other article is about how the economy is only going to add jobs moving forward, I mean its almost impossible for it not to happen when BUBBLE ben bernanke is throwing trillions and trillions of dollars into an upside down broken economic system.

    Im just wondering with all this positive news why BUBBLE ben bernanke still has to keep rates at historical lows for the next 2-3 years???
  4. The WH has made many failed projections in the past 3 years.

    Do you have a brain or are you just making a joke out of yourself?
  5. Occupy This: Talk to me in December.
  6. What is your prediction for the LFPR then?
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    I'm cautious until they tell me what country the jobs will be created in.
  8. Why would I have one? Is there some ETF tied to that that's going to make me anything?
    The only thing that counts is whether or not there's a recovery on. There is, for now, unless Brussels blows it up today. Given that recovery, two million jobs in a year is a piece of cake.
    Like I said, talk to me in December.
  9. Nice dodge, Sally.
  10. Economics not equal politics. Unless you're here for the fun of it, in which case, feel free.
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