White girl to be tried as black adult (by liberals)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Ricter, Jan 29, 2011.

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    Nothing but a troll post here.

    (how that attack thing working out for ya?)
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    lol :D
  4. Lucky her. That means she can't possibly ever be accused of racism which is the worst thing you can be called in the nation, and she may even get a lesser sentence by claiming victimization, or that she was compelled by racial hatred. Better yet, if she gets off, she'll be able to write a book about how the evil white establishment was just trying to keep her down, and of course she'll have tons of extra grant and scholarship money to go to school than she had when she was white, and easier admissions criteria as well, so she wont have to actually compete with the majority of students for admission.Then, she'll have a plethora of student organizations or groups looking out for her interests purely on the basis of her race. I'd say she's hit the jackpot.
  5. Liberal wacko judges. [​IMG]
  6. Are you guys for real or what? You're not familiar with The Onion? Did you watch the clip and, if so, did anything about it appear slightly "different"?
  7. The logo wasn't the usual for Fox News.
  8. Don't know whats funnier the post or the responses.
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    phenomana and petsamo aren't alone - a congressman was once caught quoting from the onion a few years back when he didn't get it either.
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