White dude gets beaten up for dating black woman in Georgia.

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  1. 'This shouldn't happen anymore': White man beaten to a pulp in public square for dating African-American woman in Georgia
    Boyfriend left barely conscious after brutal brawl

    Gang of three black assailants still on the loose

    'This shouldn't happen in this day in age. I know we're in the South, but it's time for a change,' girlfriend says

    A Georgia man was left bloodied and bruised after he was brutally attacked for dating an African-American girl.

    The interracial couple were strolling through Ellis Square, a public space in Savannah, shortly before midnight last Friday, when they say three black men began taunting them.

    The provocation began as racial slurs, then the scoffers started blowing kisses and suddenly the trio jumped the boyfriend, Andrew Quade - who is white, beating him and leaving him barely conscious.

    PUBLISHED: 15:19, 31 August 2012 | UPDATED: 20:04, 31 August 2012

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    well don't hold your breath for Oprah, Jackson, Obama, Sharpton, etc. to do anything, and there won't be any hate crime charged either
  3. Poor black boys, they can't keep their women satisfied .:D

    btw:I hope this young man learned his lesson.
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    You know what they say... Once you go white you never go back!
  5. They will blame it on the white guy. Black people aren't racist!
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    And charge HIM with a hate crime no doubt.
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    What??? You're saying some black guys are racists?? How can that be? Were they Republican black guys? The Democrats have assured us that all the racists are republicans and Tea Party members.

    I just don't understand why they would lie about blacks and Democrats being being racist. Could it be that most of the racists are Democrats and they just don't want us to know?
  8. I wonder if you said the same thing to the two different young gay men who were beaten and dragged behind pickup trucks, just for being gay. You hope the gay guys learned their lesson too? Pathetic thinking.
  9. "I told you." "Didn't I tell you?"

    (black women in hindsight).....

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