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  1. Guys, I was wondering if any one had a good source of listed whitebox/open coded systems that are available? I know of futures truth, but was wondering if there was anything else out there?

  2. Anybody? how about some a website for stock similar to Futures truth for futures??
  3. Nobody has any ideas huh.....
  4. Thanks, always interested in new material!!
  5. iuykcif


  6. Is that link correct? I wasnt able to open it....
  7. Yes, the link is OK. Give the server some more time to respond - it seems to be very busy at the moment :)
  8. Do you mean systems for which the source code is available?

    There are also a few programs that will search data for patterns based on your own criteria and then generate code in native language for a variety of platforms.

    TSL is very expensive but has many capabilities

    APS is limited to price patterns or what I call micro-patterns.
  9. intraday, yes, I was talking about already programmed systems with the open code. While I dont expect to find the holy grail, I have learnt a fair bit from the ones I have got to date, some of them producing quite good results with a bit of tweaking.
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