Whistleblower to CFTC in JPM Silver Manipulation Struck by Hit and Run Car In London

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  1. Whistleblower to CFTC in JPM Silver Manipulation Struck by Hit and Run Car In London

    I am glad that although Mr. Maguire and his wife are shaken they will apparently be all right.

    The related story on his allegations regarding manipulation in the silver market is here.

    I hesitate to say anything more at this point, except curiouser and curiouser.

    As reported by Adrian Douglas, the Director of GATA who has been the contact for Mr. Andrew T. Maguire, and on the GATA website

    "On March 25th at the CFTC Public Hearing on Precious Metals GATA made a dramatic revelation of a whistleblower source, Andrew Maguire, who has first hand evidence of gold and silver market manipulation by JPMorganChase, and who had tipped off the CFTC in advance of manipulation in gold and silver some months ago.

    On March 26th while out shopping with his wife in the London area, Mr. Maguire's car was hit by a car careening out of a side road. The driver of the vehicle then tried to escape.

    When a pedestrian eye-witness attempted to block the driver's escape he accelerated at him and would have hit him had the pedestrian not jumped out of the way. The car then hit two other cars in escaping. The driver was apprehended by the police after police helicopters were used in a high speed chase.

    Andrew and his wife were hospitalized with minor injuries. They were discharged from hospital today and should make a full recovery."


    Sounds like a Hollywood movie.

  2. I saw a report on this whistle blower in the financial markets who said the SEC,CFTC, and other agencys are in place to look out for the banks not the public.

    Gee now I see why Goldman has its former men running CFTC as a matter of fact they have former goldenites in every form of goverment. Now I know how they always win.
  3. It is all a fraud, can't you see?
  4. The best "conspiracy theory" I read was "Organized crime infiltrated government and perpetuated the greatest insurance fraud in the history of mankind."

    If any of the above is true, it affirms that.
  5. Par for the course
  6. The stated mission of the CFTC is to protect market users and the public from fraud, manipulation, and abusive practices related to the sale of commodity and financial futures and options, and to foster open, competitive, and financially sound futures and option markets.
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    The SEC, CFTC, NFA, and the Federal Reserve have absolutely, positively no interest in protecting public interest. These "government" agencies were created by the banks to serve the banks and anyone who gets in the way of the banks does so at their own peril. The banks have ruled the world since the beginning of time and will rule the world until the end of time.

  8. Ouch, you ruined my Sunday. So there is no way to take them down?
  9. Well banks have only ruled the world since capitalism started 400 years ago... it was kings before that.
  10. Did anyone read the conspiracy that one of the major US gold firms was really just a front set up to get rid of the Marcos Gold?
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