Whisper Software... how does it work?

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  1. Can anyone explain to me in a few short sentences how Whisper works exactly?
    I'm curious as to how a computer can seaerch through millions of stocks in a day to meet the criteria for a stock filter.

    Anyone have any ideas?
    I mean I know you need an NYSE data feed.... but once you have that and plug into the computer... doesn't the computer need to type a ticker before loading a stock's data? If not how does it work?

    Appreciate any help given.
  2. I don't know about Whisper, but in general, computers work off of some form of database for calcualtions. They don't type anything. When you look at a chart, all you are actually looking at is a graphical representation of data. The computer has all of that data stored in a database of some type, and is merely placing it on a graph so you can see it.

    Therefore if the computer wants to scan all of the data it has available, it simply needs to run through its database and process each stock that is within the scope of its criteria.

    Without getting into detail I don't know how else to put it. Learning more about computers, programming, and databases could be of help as well. Good luck to you!
  3. oh okay i see what you are saying...
    thanks for explainin it to me... not that great w/ computers.

    one question.... so if i were to create a database... anyone know of any other filters like whisper? i'm wondering where they get their databse feed from.

    one question... how powerful of a computer do i need in order to analye this data?

  4. Whisper likely created a database using some of the popular brands (Oracle, Microsoft, IBM all make database software) and then they fill it with NYSE, NASDAQ, ect data feed data. Then they wrote software to filter it.

    As for computer power, most new PC's will do well on scanning 100's of stocks, but it all depends on what you are doing and whether or not you need the data in real time, or if it can run over night. If you need up to the second updates on 2000 stocks, that will be much harder than getting a report on the same 2000 stocks daily.

    I'd suggest that if you are looking for stock analysis software, you read around here some more. I know Tradestation has a product called radarscreen, but I think there are some other products that are more popular.
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    does anyone know what it would take to design software like that for the asian markets?

    is there anything out there for japan or hong kong?