Whipsaws and Screens...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bltrading, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. What are some of the stocks screens you guys are using? I was using a screen that gets the best performing stocks over the last 3 months, but it seems I'm catching more whipsaws and false breakouts than anything. Or am I just keeping my stops too tight - I don't want to hold stocks that aren't moving for days on end?
    I know long side traders are looking for stocks to go up - what are some good screens to catch the ones that are primed to do just that in your experience? Are ya'll trading 52 week highs or the best performers or what?
    I'm seeing a lot of stocks pop-up for a day or so only to come back... I assume swing traders and daytraders are going to use different screens - I am a swing trader - but, I wouldn't mind from both sides...
    Or are you guys just trading patterns?

    Thanks in advance for the replies....
    Maybe I'll learn something...
  2. I daytrade highprice/highvolume/tightspread nasdaq stocks.
    I swingtrade rydex funds.
  3. funky


    its sounds like you are making a newbie mistake of trying to find the biggest moving stock and not realizing that with this movement comes more risk.

    you aren't going to find magic stocks out there that provide you with better risk/reward trading. it just doesn't work that way. sorry.

    i currently trade intraday SPY. learn how to recognize a trend -- sounds funny, but most traders don't know how. once you know this, things get easier (boy that's a relative term!).

    good luck.