Whip out the big 21" or go LCD

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ElectricSavant, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. I notice 21" CRT monitors coming down in price, now that LCD's are taking over.

    Sony seems to have the best 21" CRT's. They seem clearer.

    If I were to buy an older model 21" Sony which one would you use?

    • Sony Stylepro CPD-E540
    • Sony GDM-500PS
    • Sony GS series Model 520
    • Sony CPD-G500

    Have I missed any Sony models....do you find that maybe a NEC or a ViewSonic to be just as good?

    Michael B.
  2. One thing is for certain... the 21" trinitron will outlast
    any flat panel by a huge margin.

    I love mine. If you have the room and want to save some $$$
    go for the trinitron.

    If space is an issue and burning through flat panels every
    few years is OK...then go for the flat planel.


  3. i just bought 21inch crt Trinitron for 69 bucks. they had 200 of them for sale. 1 year warranty. cant beat that.
  4. Boomer


    where at? can you give a link. also, what brand in trinitron? thanks...
  5. i bought them on ubid last week. i havent recieved yet but supposed to hp. they said they would be various brands. watch the shipping costs on ubid. mine cost 99 to ship.


    > On 1/1/2004 1:04:52 PM, you placed a winning bid for: 21-Inch Trinitron
    CRT Monitor BLOWOUT! - Discounted Shipping!

    Product information:
    > Description: 21-Inch Trinitron CRT Monitor BLOWOUT! - Discounted
    > Price: $69 each
    > Shipping, Handling and Processing: $99.00
  6. Michael one of the best things I ever did was sell my CRT Monitors and buy TFT Monitors.I was seriously damaging my eyes spending hours looking at CRT monitors.Invest in TFT'S they are well worth the money.
  7. I love my e-540s. With a video card that will run at least 1600 X 1200 with 16 million colors and a refresh rate of at least 85MHZ you will get a better picture than any LCD or TFT.
  8. same here, thats the best thing i ever did. the constant headache and eye strains are not worth it. sold all 3 21in for 50 each. still wish i had done it earlier.
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    does ubid try to trick you with those outragous shipping costs? they make you think you are getting a good deal on the monitor and then charge you 150 to ship it. hahaha.....doubt it.....
  10. I don't get this. You think the trinitron will outlast the flat panel? Fair enough, if that's fact. The burn-through factor is long not such an issue anymore. With plasma it sure is, not with LCD.

    But how about energy? Doesn't it cost anything where you live?
    Just in case you don't know - A decent LCD will pay for itself in energy savings over a CRT in 2-4 years.

    And how about optometrists? Are they free where you live?
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