whineeeewhineeeewhineeee noise

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Wallace, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. so the summer's finally arrived, at least a form of it, and yesterday afternoon was hot
    enough I had the window open
    I live near a busy 7a-6p road that is that much more noisy at this time of year - what's
    going on that noise travels more ? sounds louder now than other times
    anyway I start to hear this whineeeewhineeeewhineeee noise, kinda high pitched

    noise sounds like it might be a drill or some kind of strimmer, so I go over to the
    window, lean my ear out but the sound's weaker over here
    I go back to my desk and sit back down in my chair and realize the noise's coming
    from my computer
    I give it a shake, actually I rocked it, I'm never sure about just how sensitive the hard
    drive is supposed to be, but the whineeee noise continued
    so then I shook it, grabbed hold of the case with both hands and not in a rage you
    understand but had a strong enough hold on it I could wag it back and forth without
    it flying out of my hands off onto the floor, it stands on one of those yellow plastic
    milk crates
    still the whineeeewhineeeewhineeee noise that really is a new and different sound

    so then I start blowing cigarette ash dust off the case and as I lean the case toward
    me I see, now, 2 one above the other 5x5 inch perforated panels that are covered in a
    chocolate brown sludge, not a wet sludge, but about a 3/16" thick gunk. who knew ?

    I got my trusted dusting brush, and in case you're interested I've had this for years
    it's a Chinese bamboo goat hair brush, I got mine from a store in Chinatown but they
    sell them now in art stores, you can get them ten wide but my dust brush is just two
    wide and I cut about 50% of the length of the hairs off so it brushes well, going to have
    to wash it again
    so I brushed all the crud off the ventilation panels and would you believe it, yes, the
    noise disappeared; in fact the computer's sooo quiet now I have to lean my head down
    and over it to hear if it's running

    I'll take the panel off this weekend to have a clean of the inside, the only thing is I
    don't have a shovel, I do have a large serving spoon so hopefully that'll do
  2. You could try a Dry Ice Blasting Machine, I've heard you can blast into a live circuit panel since dry ice doesn't conduct electricity. So you could clean it out WHILE your trading and free up your weekend :D

  3. Bob111


    most likely some fan. probably a small one, on video card.but could be sign of dying hard drive. i would back up everything or make image of HD before cleaning.
    when you clean(you can use vacuum cleaner for that), take it outside and blow air into PC,carefully clean fans,while holding them with something like a plastic fork or whatever(not metal) to prevent them from spinning. please note,that power supply can also have fans in it.
    try to locate the problem. you can simply put your finger on top of it to slow down or stop for second. if cleaning doesn't solve the problem-replace.

  4. 377OHMS


    Uhm, backup your data and important stuff onto CD or DVD Wallace as soon as practical.
  5. High pitch noise from a computer usually comes from moving parts. Inside a computer, typically it is the hard drive or cooling fan. If from the hard drive, it is a sign of impending failure and should take precautions.
  6. jeeeze Went Fishing, have you seen the price of those things ?

    what I might have described the sounds as is wheeeezewheeeezewheeeeze -
    the noise was a result of the insides gasping for air because the ventilation was blocked

    thanks for the tips