while waiting SSF to improve...

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by qdz, Nov 9, 2002.

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    While day traders are waiting SSF to improve its tradability, such as higher volume/liquidity, I suspect NASD and SEC are ready to move their PDF margin rules baloney further into the commodity world. They just conquered the stock option field. What do you think how bad it will be and how you will react to it?
  2. As far as I know, the SEC has no jurisdiction over derivatives such as future commodities. I could be wrong, but that is what I've picked up along the way.
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    Oh, they will do it in some way when they find small investors escape to trade freely in other good market places. They will control stock markets so that ss has no hope to lead.

    Margin or not has not and will never be their concerns. They want to protect special interest. They want to pin small investors to death. When that comes, blood must be shed.
  4. P. Niss

    P. Niss

    I wonder which will happen first. The SSF liquidity issue is dealth with and the oublic overwhelmingly accepts them, or

    Aphexcoil learns to trade them and stop posting nonsensical foolishness about futures and stock options, neither of which he has mastered.

    My vote is for the SSF.
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    -- re PDT, from the replies I've received from various securities orgs and regulatory agencies, it appears that the PDT issue is not the SEC but rather NASD.
    And while NASD putatively doesn't have authority over futures per se, it's not too much of a stretch to imagine that NASD might say to b/d's,
    "We don't care what kinds of securities they are or who regulates them -- if you want to retain your NASD standing, you enforce this rule."

    fwiw, OCC told me that PDT applies to options.
    CBOE said that it applies IF the firm carrying the account is a NASD member and NASD is the firm's designated examining authority ("DEA"). If an SRO other than NASD is the DEA for a NASD member, then the member would be exempt from NASD margin rules. The margin rules of the DEA would apply.

    -- re liquidity/volume, the busiest Qs options contract on Friday traded 66K, whereas the December SSF traded 45K.
    oops, that's a bug in the charting pkg I'm using :eek: ; divide that by 100.
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    Where can I get the EOD quote for SSF? I thought QQQ Dec SSF on nqlx was 400 contracts or so on Nov. 8th. You mean 450 contract * 100 = 45K? :)
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    qdz, see my edited post. You move too fast. Go outside and play and get some fresh air. :)