while I was out walking...

Discussion in 'Forex' started by sKaLpZ, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. I just came back and looked at the market.

    it spiked down to 1.1983! then recovered to 1.2050.

    that's the lowest point yet.

    what was that all about? Greenspan?
  2. I saw that too, same with GBP/USD. Time 12 midnight EST.
  3. yeah, one minute we're hovering at 1.2030, then a second later we're 1/2 cent down, then a retrace back up.

    that's a hell of a spike. wish I had been here! :D

    was just considering if that is a taste of things to come. I didn't think we'd break 1.2000 let alone crash 20-tics thru it.
  4. Was option magnetism. But it's gone now.
  5. He should be in bed at night … :p
  6. you know how it is. when you make money, you're a bsd. when you lose money, it's Greenspan's fault.
  7. Man, I gotta try these midnight walks....
  8. I wonder what the odds are we touch that level again by today's close.
  9. Hmmm ... Trend line is holding so far...
  10. Nah, I have a short open, and only needed a 3-to-5 second window to close that muthah.

    that 50-pt spike down woulda done it. :cool:

    I think this market is trying to kill me... again.
    #10     Jun 24, 2005