which will we see first before '09...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by blackbook, Oct 8, 2008.

which will we see first market below 9k or above 10k?

  1. <9k

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  2. >10k

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  1. market below 9k or market above 10k???
  2. Think this is pretty much a no-brainer at this point.
  3. by "market" do you mean Dow? Dow is a crappy representative of the whole market for several reasons:
    1.only 30 stocks
    2.price weighted (totally dumb)
    3.must be something else i forget

    look at BAC, they only added it this year and it is already going the way of AIG.
  4. clacy


    Unless you are a scalper and looking at 1 minute charts, the Dow moves in perfect unison with the S&P, so why do you care?
  5. perr


    Ye'll see them both before 09.

    The way the market is swinging (dow) it
    can nip thur 10k a little, the same with 9k.

    Watch out below though major down move
    ahead for 09 and 10. (I see 6200-6000 dow, then 3900-4200).

    no kidding here.

    trade well

  6. 30 more points and we're below 9k...
  7. Syprik


    Oops, below 9k.
  8. Both, probably a couple of times. We're not too far from a very well manipulated rally of 1000+ points that will give those in the know one last chance to bail. Next years crash will make this seem like child's play.
  9. Lucrum


    I have a GTC buy order in for the YM - 1 tick above zero.

    I may not make any money on it but at least the risk reward is good.