Which will be more bearish,CBOT soybean,meal or soyoil?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by lx008, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. lx008


    Just wonder how soy complex spread traders pick the long -short legs
  2. Dunno, but beans getting close to breaking huge support at 1385-1390. I saw a report indicating a decent crop year would have the "beans out of the teens".
    Catchy phrase, isn't it ?
  3. ofthomas


    by looking at the spread... try it on your platform... 1:1 ratio... front/back and back/front... it will the same pretty much...
  4. Beans had a rally day despite bearish news from China.
    Gotta be some shortcovering after the recent sharp decline.....definitely oversold.
  5. lx008


    Another factor to watch is that it's the first ENSO-neutral winter since 2003-04 , means there's neither El Nino or La Nina to affetc the weather system, for now.La Nina's usually bullish for corn and beans.